Best Binary Options Signals


Signals in binary options refer to alerts that traders are provided with that assist them to make informed decisions as regards the trades they intend to make. These signals are provided by independent providers or other traders. For many traders, their main sources of signals are signal providers. These providers play a key role in determining whether the trader gets a good return on investment or not. If follows therefore that a trader must select very carefully the provider he wants to get signals from. Naturally, if a trader wants to maximize his profits, he will have to find the provider with the most accurate signals.

There are very many signal providers in the binary options sector today. In this article we are going to review the best in the business.


Best Binary Options Signals

There are very many signal providers in the binary options sector today. In this article we are going to review the best in the business.

1. Binary Option Robot

A good signals provider must be consistently accurate to enable the trader make the profits that he deserves. One of the leading binary options signals provider today is Binary Option Robot. Their signals continue to help traders make profits in binary options. What will traders expect from Binary Option Signal providers?

Binary Option Robot Features

  • Accuracy rates: A good winning ratio is the main thing that attracts traders to a signals provider. Binary Option Robot has some of the highest accuracy rates in the binary options industry. With an 83% accuracy rate, traders will only find 2 losing trades for every 10 on average. This is a very good rate and it is no wonder that this is one of the leaders in the business.
  • Accurate algorithms: The quality of the signals a provider offers is dependent on what work and effort that has gone behind the signal. With Binary Option Robot’s signals being so good, many will wonder the secret behind this. It is the advanced algorithms employed for this purpose. They are so sophisticated that they eliminate all possible guesswork from binary options.
  • Beginners can trust the signals: By the time a signal is sent out by Binary Option Robot, it has had plenty of input and effort backing it. Such a signal doesn’t need any further processing. Beginners can therefore just trade them as they come.
  • Easily accessible: The Binary Option Robot’s signals are easy to access, interpret and trade. There is not much that is needed to access them. Whatever method you have selected as your preferred receiving mode, you signals will be right there ready to be trades.
  • Use with your broker: Besides providing signals, Binary Option Robot is a binary options broker and trading platform too. This does not prevent you from using their signals if you have your trading account with a separate broker.
  • Training: A good signals provider is interested in your growth in your venture in binary options. Binary Option Robot provides resource rich material like webinars, eBooks, charts and training manuals.
  • Compatibility: The signal provider’s website is compatible with mobile devices. This allows you to access your signals from any device that has an internet connection. With this, you can trade from anywhere and at any time.
  • Customer Support: Binary Option Robot has been in the business of binary options for nearly as long as binary options as we know the trade today. They are also brokers in this trade as well as a respected trading platform. This experience with all kinds of traders for many years has helped the provider to hone their customer support to what it is today. You can access the support staff via email, phone and on the live chat feature.

Binary Option Robot is successful because people trust their signals and their accuracy. They are widely believed to be the top signal providers in the binary options trading markets today.


Binary Option Robot

Binary Option Robot


2. Quantum Binary Signals

Quantum Binary signals is another respected signals provider in binary options trading. Traders need to subscribe to this provider for a daily fee. You will then be re ready to receive the signals at the right time and then use them to guide your trading decisions. The signals from Quantum Binary Signals provider come with a fixed time advice. This means that you will trade them within the time that they are meant for. The signals notifications with this provider, being time sensitive come early enough for a trader to ready himself for trading.

Quantum Binary Signals features

  • The returns: This broker promises traders an impressive 75% to 85% success rates every month. This mean that you will be in the money a lot more times than you will be out of the money. This kind of success rate is what the traders look like and they have found it at Quantum Binary Signals.
  • Cost of signals: This signal provider will charge you a daily subscription fee of $4.96 which translates to a little under $100 in a month in a 20 day trading month. With such a high accuracy rate, it is a reasonable price to pay for quality signals. For new traders seeking signals here, you will be offered a 7 day trial period for $9.99.
  • Big profits: Quantum Binary Signals has the potential to help you make something like 500% of your investments every trading week. These are good profits by all means and if you will achieve this kind of gains, it will prove to be a good idea to retain this broker for your binary options signals.
  • Great for beginners: With the quality that signals come with from Quantum Binary Signals, you will not need to be a professional trader to interpret them for profitable trading. They come already well qualified to trade and all you need to do is to use them while strictly adhering to the advised time period.
  • Notifications: This signal provides you with 3 quality signals every day. You will get your notifications every time through email or SMS according to your chosen mode. These signals once received should be traded as soon as possible as they are time sensitive. These signals also come with a very low risk factor. Whichever your choice of media for the notification, you need to have your receiving device ready at all times because the signals do not come at specific times.
  • Improved features: The facilities at the signal provider are always getting updated so that you can receive great signals at all times.

Quantum Binary Signals do a good job of providing great signals for their clients. If you can make it to be always in an anticipatory mood for the signals, you will have a profitable time trading with their signals.


Quantum Signals

Quantum Signals

3. Binary Hedge Fund

Binary Hedge Fund signals provider has a good reputation when it comes to the provision of quality and profitable signals for traders in binary options. They are highly rated and professional in their signals, accuracy and operations. They among the top signal providers globally along with others like Binary Option Robot. Traders have found their signals as profitable ones as they continue to retain them as their signal providers.

Binary Hedge Fund features

  • High accuracy rating: The essence of engaging the services of a signal provider is to have signals with a high degree of accuracy to ensure maximization of profits from winning trades. With Binary Hedge Fund, the accuracy has been found to hit the 80% level. This is quite high and it is up there with the best there is in binary options.
  • Smooth transmission: Great signals are not only the signals that generate profits. They must also be transmitted with the timeliness they need as well as with the right media as selected by the trader. With this provider, you can rest easy because they do not send expired signals. If its time is expired, you will not be sent the signal until another timely one is available. You will choose the media for transmission from either email, SMS or via the Binary Hedge Fund’s interface.
  • Free and easy to use: The only fees you will be charged by this broker are for the signals themselves. Access to the software is completely free for life and you will not be asked to pay for updates of the system. The interface is very user-friendly with an uncluttered look. The professional look and feel of the interface is proof of a system that made efforts to make it easy for the traders to navigate their software.
  • Great backing of signals and a high ROI: With a proven 80% accuracy level, Binary Hedge Fund’s signals are certainly good ones. These are the kind of signals that can only come from good backing of advanced algorithms and expert analysis. With this kind of signals coming your way, it is only expected that you will receive a good return on investment which is what you will be looking for in binary options.
  • Mobile compatibility: The Binary Hedge Fund is web based. This means that you will not have to download the software onto your PC. All you need is an internet signal and a browser and you have access to the system. Your tablet and your smartphone are also gadgets that you can use to access the interface.
  • Quality signals: Binary Hedge Fund’s signals are highly qualified. You will not need to add anything to them to make them profitable. You are expected to trade them as they are. The implication here is that you do not need to be an expert in binary options trading to use these signals to make profits.

Traders using Binary Hedge Fund for their signals have a good thing going. The signals are definitely what make them successful. Not surprising considering that this signal provider is one of the best in the sector.


Binary Hedge Fund

Binary Hedge Fund

4. Private Signals Group

As far as binary options signal providers are concerned, Private Signals Group is fairly new to the market. It is barely a year old as it went live in the March of 2015. It is owned by Chris Morton. This was probably an informed decision owing to trader always looking out for alternative signal providers other than the ones that they already had. The people who benefit from their signals have a lot of good things to say about this signals provider. The provider retains the services of renowned professionals in binary options analysis. These are Mircea Vasiu and his partner Sergiy Zlyvko. These are the brains behind the winning signals that you will receive if Private Signals Group is your signals provider.

Private Signals Group features

  • Signal transmission: This signals providers transmit their signals to their clients via SMS and email. These signals are sent in real time which means that they will only be effective at the time that they are sent; you will have to use them in executing your trades immediately you receive them.For members of their trading group, the signals are also sent via their private Facebook page.
  • Pricing: If you want to receive signals from Private Signals Group while retaining your broker, you will have to part with $99.95 as your monthly subscription. To avoid this payment, the option is open an account with one of the provider’s preferred brokers in their trading group. This requires a deposit of between $50 and $300. After this, the access to the interface and the signals is free.
  • Signals hours: Private Signals Group transmits to its clients from Monday early morning through to Fridaynight. The signal times are divided between their expert analysts so that there are continuous signals all through the trading sessions.
  • Returns: The ROI that traders make with this signals provider are great. There are many traders who would not switch their provider from this one. For the best benefits, traders open accounts with the trading group. For the group performance, the results are made public every week. You can thus judge for yourself how profitable they are and whether they meet your expectations.
  • Customer support: Private Signals Group has invested well with their client support plans. With ready and helpful staff manning their helpdesk, traders are well served should they have queries on signals and trading.

Private Signals Group is undoubtedly one of the leading signals providers in binary options. Their unique trading groups help make more profits for members while still providing signals for everybody else. Traders can decide to open new accounts with the provider or retain their brokers which will mean a fee for access to the provider’s signals.


Private Signals Group

Private Signals Group

5. PIP365 Signal Providers

PIP365 is an award-winning signals provider. This firm won the FBO Award for the Best Signals Award for 2014. There have also been many very positive reviews on their signals and their operations. That is the mark of a good signals provider. PIP365 is owned by and it is based in Australia.

PIP365 features

  • Pricing: The signals service with PIP365 is free. To qualify for the free service, you will open a trading account with a broker of your choice who will have to be compatible with the providers system. After making a minimum deposit of just $250, you are free to start receiving signals and making profits.
  • Returns and success rate: By relying on key indicators as part of what constitutes PIP365’s signals generation, the state of the global financial markets play a crucial role. The provider provides signals in real time meaning that they are to be traded immediately before they expire. The average success rate with this provider is around 75% which is quite impressive. This means that 3/4 of all trades are winners. Not a bad return is expected in this scenario.
  • Great signals: PIP365 has won awards for signal provision. This is a stamp of recognition that their signals are top-notch. With this in mind, your mind can stop worrying about the quality of the signals and concentrate on maximizing profits. These signals are generated from the sophisticated algorithms that the provide employs as well as from the key indicators from the financial markets.
  • Wide assets range: With this signals provider, you will find over 100 signals that you will receive signals for. Their system supports a wide range of signals that it will be very difficult not to find an asset that you can trade with.
  • This form accepts traders from the United States: This is good for them because they are often not left with many choices when it comes to the better players in binary options. The acceptance is however restricted when it comes to the brokers they can open accounts with as PIP365 has its own preferred list. The rest of the world does not have such restrictions.
  • Signals delivery: PIP365’s signals are transmitted from Monday through Saturday every week of the year. You will make a choice between email and SMS as the media through which your signals will come. Alerts with this provider come in real time. This allows the trader to make the trade at the exact time that it is transmitted.
  • No downloads: The PIP365 software is web based; no downloads are required with this system. You can access the system’s interface through your normal browser on PC, tablet and on smart phones.
  • Beginners are welcome: Owing to the superb backing that signals from PIP365, beginners have an easy time making trades with signals from this provider. This is because the trader only needs to execute his trades with the alerts he has. They are fully qualifies and they do not need any further input form the trader.

For traders who are looking at a proven winner in binary options signals provision, PIP365 is it. Very accurate signals herald big profits and a good ROI. An important factor to remember is that it is quite affordable to receive signals from this provider and you will not need to switch brokers to do so.


Pip365 Signals

Pip365 Signals

6. Signals365 Signals Provider

Since its launch in December 2014, Signals365 has continued to churn out signals for its clients every trading session without fail. It is highly rated and respected by both traders and other players in the binary options markets. The best thing about this signal provider is that they will generate over 100 signals every trading day most of which will be winners.

Signals365 features

  • Great signals with high accuracy levels: Why are so many people joining the binary options marketplace these days? They want a good ROI. This is made by having many winning trades and very few losing ones. This will be made possible by having a great signals provider who has a high accuracy rate. Signals365 is one such provider. 85% is the accuracy level for trades with 20 minutes expiry times and above. 70% is the accuracy rate of short-time trades with 5 minutes or less. That is a good overall rate whichever periods you are trading on.
  • Pricing: For the 100 signals daily offer, you will be asked to pay $99.99 per month by Signals365. This is not expensive considering the benefits you will reap with 100 signals every day, all of them with a more than 70% win rate. If you register a trading account with one Signals364’s appointed brokers, you will receive your signals absolutely free.
  • Unique signal transmission method: When you have sign-up to receive the Signals365 signals, you will receive them in the signal interface. Each signal will appear like a yellow envelop on your screen accompanied by a sound notification. There will also be a timer showing the time that will elapse before the signal becomes stale. Each individual signal will come with its own asset to trade, the expiry period, the option that you need to buy and how long you have before the signal elapses.
  • Web based: You will not need to download any application or software on your PC to receive Signals365 signals. You browser will open the interface just fine. Being a modern signals provider, the same services that you get from your PC will be the same services that you will get from the interface on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Transparency: With Signals365, you will see their performance which is published regularly. This way, you will see how the performance of a certain period was and then you can compare with what you have.
  • Asset index: This signals provider comes with many assets and currency pairs that you can trade with. The best thing is that previous trades with various assets are well displayed. This display shows you the recent history of each asset which allows you to see the prevailing trends. This information will help you decide on the way you will execute your succeeding trades.
  • Easy to navigate interface: With Signals365’s website and signals’ portal, traders will not have to make multiple clicks to find what they want. The fact that the interface is uncluttered means that locating what you want is not a difficult task.

Signals365 is a serious binary options signals provider. Serious traders will find this provider a worthy partner as most of the features that they come with are what they will be looking for. The winner with this signals provider is that you are offered 100 signals every trading day; no reason why you shouldn’t make handsome profits with this signals provider.



Signals 365

7. UpDown Signals

UpDown Signals have been generating signals for traders in binary options for a long time now. If it is experience you are looking for in a signals provider, here it is. This signals provider continues to maintain a large following among binary options traders from their very good signals and the various other features that accompany these alerts. UpDown signals have a new website which is easier to navigate and it takes top marks for professional looks and feel. Their experience is also reflected in their customer service policy which is among the most helpful amongst the top signals providers.

UpDown Signals features

  • Winning signals and good returns: Provision of signals in real time is one of the hallmarks of a good modern signals provider. UpDown Signals does not disappoint. They have winning signals that have been proven to reach 76% accuracy. That reflects a rate of at least 7 winning trades for every 10. Quite impressive. As far as the returns are concerned, UpDown Signals have theirs at 76% too which is not a bad rate considering the fact that the accuracy rate is high too. These signals are transmitted via SMS and email. SMS is proving to be the traders’ favorite. Study the two and select the one that you believe will work for you well.
  • Pricing: $99.99 per month subscriptions seem to be the standard rate with signal providers. This is the same fee that UpDown Signals charge their clients for a month’s worth of trading alerts. This is for traders who have fully committed to the signals provider. Other than that, there is a one week trial period for traders who would like to test the provider’s worthiness. It goes for just $4.99 and so it is worth a try. Would you prefer a quarterly access plan? UpDown Signals will charge you only $197.
  • Assets galore: With UpDown Signals, you have a whopping 158 different signals that you can trade with. With this wide range, you are spoilt for choice and you have every chance to select the most profitable assets or the ones you feel good trading with. These assets are either currencies, indices, commodities, stocks and futures.
  • Trading history: UpDown signals offer another service to traders; it is the trading history that goes back 60 days. Here you will have the opportunity to review your trades in the whole of this duration and make amends to your trading where necessary.
  • Signals backing: Good signals are a lot more than educated guesses. They are backed by solid analyses and algorithms that detect trades and patterns in binary options trading. UpDown Signals employ an advanced tool known as Financial Maps to further qualify their signals. This is a complicated 5-step process that enhances the generation of high quality signals to the advantage of their traders.
  • No experience necessary: After having undergone all the processes and analysis outlined above, UpDown Signals need no further validation. They are ripe to be traded the moment they are received. Beginners will therefore not need to undergo any training before they too can make good profits with signals from this provider.
  • Client support: It is probably the years that UpDown Signals has been in the businessof generating binary options signals that makes their customer support so helpful and effective. What there is that traders have a very easy time trading with these signals and they rarely need to call the helpdesk. If they do they will be assisted by knowledgeable staff and they are back trading in no time.

UpDown Signals have the experience and the drive to keep traders making profits for years to come. Their signals are very good even for rookies in binary options trading. The backing they give their signals in impressive and no doubt it will get even better with time. With a healthy accuracy rate and the support of many of their old clients who found a home as far as signals are concerned, UpDown is actually going places and you will have made a good decision if you retain them to be your binary options signals providers.


UpDown Signals

UpDown Signals


The above reviewed binary options signals providers do not mean that there no other good providers. It is a representation of the best in the business. Others are coming up with impressive product and features which could change the way you will trade binary options in the future. Soon, they could appear in the list of the top signal providers in the industry. The trick is to choose one that meets your expectations of a good ROI and safe and secure signal transmission.

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