Best Binary Options Brokers

Binary options’ trading has grown by leaps and bounds since they became part of mainstream financial trading in the global marketplace. With thousands of current traders and many more joining the trade every day, and with over 400 trading platforms, this growth is sure to continue. To make any trade in binary options a trader will need to have an account registered with a binary options broker broker. This means that a broker is a very important cog in the wheel of the entire business known as binary options.

The problem most traders have is choosing the right broker for their binary options trades. This is because traders want the best Return on Interest (ROI). They are also looking for a credible broker with whom they can entrust their investments. The problem is then compounded by the fact that there are some brokers who do not make the cut if all brokers’ operations were to be appraised.

Traders in some geographical locations have trouble finding a wide pool of traders to select from as there are different restrictions for different countries. The United States regulatory authorities for example, have set some very stringent rules and regulations under which brokers can operate. This has left traders with fewer choices, but good ones.

Best brokers for the USA market

For brokers to legally operate in the United States, they need to be fully licensed by either of the two main regulatory bodies. These are National Futures Association [NFA] and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC]. These are the two bodies mandated to regulate all online financial trading. Binary options trading fall under this category.

Traders are advised to only engage the services of brokerage firms registered to operate in the United States in case there is cause for legal recourse among other problems that could occur.

The best binary options brokers for the US market are:

Best Broker For USA


  1. Binary Option Robot
  2. TradeThunder
  3. Porter Finance

Please find the reviews of each below.

The best brokers for the United Kingdom Market

Traders in the United Kingdom have the leeway to engage any brokers of their choice.The problem is that there will be no legal recourse if they trade with a broker who is not licensed in the EU. In most cases, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission [CySEC] is the main regulator for brokers who are licensed to trade in the European Union.

The best binary options brokers for the UK are:

United Kindom

United Kindom

  1. Binary Option Robot
  2. IQ Option
  3. 24Option
  4. Banc de Binary

Please find the reviews of each below.

Best brokers for the Australian market

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), is the body mandated by the Australian government to regulate the binary options trades in the country. This extends to licensing and regulating the binary options brokers. Brokers that are not based on Australian soil can engage Australian citizens but they must adhere to the rules laid down by ASIC.



The best binary options brokers for Australia are:

  1. Binary Option Robot
  2. Banc de Binary
  3. IQ Option
  4. 24Option

Please find the reviews of each below.

Best brokers for the Canadian market

The Canadian government allows online trading. What happens is that there are different regulators for each state. This means that it can be confusing for traders. The best thing is to use brokers who are reputable.



The best brokers for the Canadian market are:

  1. Binary Options Robot
  2. 24Option
  3. Banc de Binary
  4. IQ Option.

Best brokers for the European market

The good thing about the Eurozone is that if a broker or any trading platform is licensed in one of the EU countries, the registration covers all the rest of the Eurozone countries. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is usually the first regulatory authority that most players in the binary options market turn to for registration and it has been doing a good job it seems.european flag

The best binary options brokers for the European market are:

  1. Binary Option Robot
  2. IQ Option
  3. 24Option
  4. Banc de Binary

Please find the reviews of each below.


Binary Option Robot Review

In the binary option field, Binary Option Robot has established itself as a leader due to its innovativeness and its impeccable integrity when dealing with clients’ investments. It is also affordable to join and easy to operate. In the USA and worldwide, Binary Option Robot has built its reputation as one of the best generators of winning signals. Traders continuously open and maintain trading accounts with this broker because the return on investment that they facilitate is second to none.

Automated Binary Option Robot

Automated Binary Option Robot


How it works

Binary Option Robot is able to predict movements in the prices of assets from their use of an advanced algorithm. This algorithm synthesizes data from previous trades going back to several years to come up with a model that can predict trends and in which direction such trends will shift to. This may be difficult to follow but it works quite well, at least judging by the increased volumes of business carried out by these brokers. What you will do to start trading with Binary Option Robot is to open a trading account and make a deposit of $250 or more. That is the minimum deposit but you can make a deposit of your own over and above the $250.

Binary Option Robot: Features

To be rated as one of the best brokers for the USA market and in all other markets globally, it is what has been built in the system that makes this broker what it is. Here are the main features of this broker’s system:

  • High accuracy rate: The only reason you are in binary options trading is that you are looking for a high return on investment. This is will be occasioned by the accuracy of the trades that you make. These trades have to be accurate and the accuracy level depends on the quality of signals you get from your broker. Binary Robot Option generates signals that have an accuracy rate of 83%. This means that 8 out of every trade you make based on their signals will be winners.
  • Bonuses: With Binary Option Robot, you will be rewarded with generous bonuses on all your deposits. This will help you maximize your earnings with this broker. Your bonuses will rise with the increment of your trading deposit and all the profits from the trading of these bonuses are all yours.
  • Variety of assets: With Binary option Robot, you are not limited to selected assets and the broker’s preferred pairs. You have a wide range of commodities and currencies to make your trades with.
  • Strategies: Binary Option Robot allows you to use the best strategies that you can come up with to make your profit. In addition, the broker will assist you with winning strategies if you do not have your own. This means that if you combine your strategies, with those of the broker, you will have a serious advantage in the binary options marketplace.
  • You can limit your losses: Binary options trading can go either of two ways; you can win a trade or you can lose it. The stop loss feature that comes with this broker enables you to set a limit of losses beyond which trading cannot go on. This works wonderfully in case you are hit by an unexpected losing streak. You can then switch your funds to another asset or currency pair.
  • No experience necessary: Traditionally, only people who made good profits in the financial markets were those who were experienced and trained in trading commodities and forex. This is not the case anymore, especially when it comes with Binary option Robot as your broker. Their systems are 100% automated and you will receive your signals without having to collect financial data, read trading charts of years, months and days gone by and synthesizing it all to come up with your signal. Binary Option Robot does all these for you.
  • Trade Reversal: This feature is applied when you realize that you are winning less and losing more. You can use the Trade Reverse Feature to convert your signals for a particular asset from what they are showing and trading the opposite instead. This allows you to take full control of your trades when things are not going your way.
  • Free Account: Opening an account with Binary Option Robot is free of any charges. This means that to use their system, the broker will not charge you any fees upfront, nor will they charge you in future for retaining them as your broker. There is a VIP Account for those that will need specialized services. This is where you will be charged a fee, but for all that you get from a VIP Account, it is all worth it.
  • Customer Support: Binary Option Robot has an enviable client support system. You will find operators just waiting for your call to be of assistance. You can also engage them via email and the very effective live chat feature on their software. You will receive helpful and prompt responses to enhance your trading with this broker.

Having been in operation for several years now, Binary Option Robot is tested and proven to be among the best brokers in the business. They are respected for their professionalism and impeccable signals which generate an impressive return on investment for their traders year after year.

TradeThunder Broker Review

Trade thunder is one of the newest trade brokers who have also been found to reputable in the binary options business. It is a major feat to have gone live in 2015 and it is already one of the leading brokers today. The future certainly looks bright for this new brokerage firm which is making all the right waves in the binary options markets. TradeThunder is domiciled in the United Kingdom and it is a subsidiary of another company known as LGK Industries.

Today, the TradeThunder software is available in English and Spanish with more versions in other languages under development. TradeThunder is open to traders from the United States. This will come as a boon to them because of the many brokers around; very few reputable ones accept clients form the States.

Trade Thunder site

Trade Thunder site

The software

One prominent feature of the TradeThunder software is that it has the ‘one-click’ trading feature. If you are trading the basic PULL/CALL trades, you will only need to click on one button and your trade is executed. This is just one of the features of this software which is very easy to use. It features an uncluttered interface where everything is visible or available at the click of one button.

TradeThunder operates with the Leverate BX8 software which is known for making trading quick and easy. With this software, all you will need to know your next move and there is a button for that. You will no longer have time for trading platforms where you have to click link after link to access what you want. A popular addition to the TradeThunder trading interface is the quick trading feature. Here, right in the screen will be four trades with expiry periods of 60 seconds just sitting there waiting to be traded. You will not need to do much other than just trade if you like the signal.

With as little as $1, you can make a trade with TradeThunder. This is a good entry point to traders who are just starting out. They can learn from this light trading before they gain the confidence to play the big bucks.

TradeThunder: The features that traders will love

  • TradeThunder payouts: With this broker, the payouts are great. With payouts averaging from 80% to 85%, they are among the best for brokers licensed to accept traders from the United States. The payout, which has been seen to rise from time to time all the way to 91%. This will depend on individual assets and the attendant signals.
  • Assets and expiry periods: With TradeThunder, you have a choice of over 50 different assets with which you can trade with. You will find among them well selected pairs of currencies, stocks of blue chip companies and indices like the FTSE, Dow Jones and the NASDAQ. For expiry periods, you will find that you have a choice of 60 seconds expiry time and 5, 30 and 60 minutes’ expiry periods.
  • Bonuses and the various trading accounts: TradeThunder has for different accounts each with its own bonus plan: The Standard Account with a bonus of 40% and a minimum deposit of $300. The Premium Account with bonuses rising to $60 and a minimum deposit of $500. You will also find the Pro Account which attracts bonuses of up to 75% and it comes with a minimum deposit of $1,000. The VIP account is for experienced traders and those with higher outlays for binary options trading. It comes with bonuses riding to 100% and the minimum balance here is at $5,000. This broker also allows you to make more in terms of bonuses through a referral bonus anytime you refer a trader to TradeThunder. This bonus is $50. Trading is as low as $20 for individual trades.
  • Demo account: Not to be left behind, Trade Thunder too has a demo account. This is a dummy account that features dummy money but exact trades with real and live signals. These enable a new trader to train on the TradeThunder system as well as anything that he wants to learn about binary options. This training can also be augmented by training manuals, eBooks and signal charts.
  • Customer support: TradeThunder can take advantage of the customer support system here. It is efficient, prompt and helpful. Clients can contact the support staff 24 hours a day for 6 days in a week.


The Leverate BX8 software has really done TradeThunder a lot of good. The user-experience is very good and traders are endorsing it increasingly as the days go by. The fact that it is licensed to carry the accounts of the United States traders is a plus. Being so young, TradeThunder is heading places and it will be a force to reckon with in days to come.

Porter Finance Review

Porter finance is a binary options broker who has been in operation since 2014. During this time, the broker has grown by leaps and bounds. This has been attributed to the firm’s commitment to give their clients the services they deserve and more. Porter Finance was built by a team of experienced and professional traders who had been in binary options trading since its early days. They therefore know all the ins and outs of the marketplace, what works and what doesn’t. Running Forest Partners LTD of London, England, owns the brokerage. They have ensured that the trading system has been one to be respected since inception. New traders are always streaming in as a result.


Porter Finance

Porter Finance

How it works

Porter Finance operates under the SpotOption trading platform. It is a highly respected system that is known for its good payout and high returns on investments. It is also very friendly to traders who have never traded in binary options before and for those who are just starting out. Professional traders have endorsed this system en masse. This is another reason why Porter Finance continues to be anchored on this platform and they look like they will be here for years to come.

Porter Finance: The Features

Porter Finance has heavily invested in their trading platform. This can be seen well by the advanced features that this broker boasts and traders love. They in include:

  • Profits and accuracy: Porter Finance has a payout rate of 83% as is evident from the results achieved from trading with this broker. A trader may opt to go for the trades that have a higher payout but a higher risk. These will be the trades in the Ladder Options which comes with a payout of 1500% and the One Option which comes with a payout of 400%.
  • Assets and trading solutions: This broker comes with sophisticated trading solutions which enable a great trading experience for their clients. The platform is highly variable: It is quite compatible with all traders’ strategies and trading habits. You will find that you can trade with High/Low options, Long Term, One Touch, Ladder trading and Pairs. For the assets, trader will have a wide choice from which they will select their preferred assets. With over 100 prime stocks, 28 forex pairs, 11 commodities and multiple indices to choose from, all traders will find assets that they can trade with every day.
  • Safe and secure banking: It is important to have a safe and secure system of transfer of funds from the trader to the broker and vice versa. To the enable this, Porter Finance uses the safest and most convenient of transfer methods. You can use all major credit and debit cards, Skrill. Neteller, eWallet and various widely accepted mobile payment methods. All these methods can be used to post your deposit and transfer your profits from your trading account.
  • Versatile trading software: When it comes to technological advancements, Porter Finance has not been left behind. Apart from the software that you download on your PC or laptop, you can also download the App to your Smartphone and on your tablet as well. This will be for both Android and iOS platforms. With these Apps, you can trade on the go. You no longer have to sit by your computer at home or in your office executing your trades. You can now do everything you want to do in your trading account wherever and whenever.
  • Accounts at Porter Finance: There are four different trading accounts that you can open with this broker. Every trader, whether a beginner or an experienced professional with a huge financial base, there is an account for everybody. These accounts are Basic Account, the Standard Account, Silver Account and the Gold account. These accounts have a minimum deposit ranging from $250 for the Basic to $5,000 for the Gold Account. A trader will select the appropriate account to him and he can progress to the more prestigious as he progresses in his work.
  • Bonuses: Porter Finance has some of the most generous bonuses in the binary options marketplace. The first thing you will get is a welcoming bonus when you make your first deposit. The size of the deposit and the account type that you open will determine the amount of the bonus.
  • Training facilities: Porter Finance wants its traders to advance in their trading experience and grow from good traders to great traders. It is for this reason that they offer some learning tools to traders. One of the most important tools is the Demo Account. This is a dummy account where an inexperienced trader can learn his ropes in binary options trade and find out the ways in which he can use the Porter Finance system to make good profits. Additionally, experienced traders can make use of the demo account to try out their new strategies with dummy money before applying them in actual trading. There are also other tools including eBooks, webinars, training videos and online manuals.
  • Customer Support: Porter Finance has a great customer support plan. Traders can contact the broker’s helpdesk via Skype, fax, phone, email and chat. Their staff is helpful, prompt and well versed with the kind of issues a trader will have when on the Porter Finance platform.


Porter Finance ticks all the boxes for efficiency, integrity, technological advancements, payouts, signals and customer support. There is also a demo account to try your hand at binary options with and plenty of learning tools. Porter Finance is a good broker for your binary options trading.

24 Option Review

24Option binary options broker is one of the most respected in the business. With a global clientele, the broker has continuously been very popular with traders since the firm went live. Reputed to be one of the most proactive brokers in this business today, 24Option has garnered praise from many quarters for the services they offer and the many incentives their clients enjoy when trading with them.

The brokerage is domiciled in Cyprus. It is fully licensed to operate in the European Union as it holds License number 207/13 from the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CYSEC). 24Option is today under the management of a holding company going by the name of Rodeler Ltd who took over from the first company to manage this brokerage, CBAY Financials.

Traders’ investments are protected under the Investment Compensation Fund to the tune of €20,000. To traders, this is music to their ears because the market has some unscrupulous brokers with questionable intentions. The fact that the firm has yielded itself to regulation is also a show of self-confidence on the part of the administrators of 24Option brokers.

24Option has Tech Financials as their trading platform. Tech Financial’s platform is very innovative, it has a modern look and feel, easy to use and secure as well. All users of 24Option agree that one of the things that they like about the trading platform is the security and user-friendliness.

24 Option

24 Option

24 Option’s features

As a global leader in binary options brokerage service provision, this broker has plenty of features that traders like. They include:

  • Great payouts: At 24Option, payouts vary from one asset to another. Traders are told beforehand that it is not possible to have fixed payouts across the board. With confirmed payouts getting as high as 90% and no lower than 70%, it is a good time for 24Option’s traders.
  • Choice of accounts: This broker allows the clients to select their preferred accounts depending on their budgetary allocations for binary options trading. There is the Standard Account, the Gold Account and the most prestigious id the Platinum Account. All traders, despite their different accounts are provided with some of the best signals in the market and that is why their ROI is as high as it is today.
  • Multiple Options: Traders have a wide choice of options with which to trade with. Each trader has his strategies and methods and they will find their way to fit with the following trading options: high/low options, boundary, high yield and touch options.
  • Customer support: 24Option has a 24 hour client support plan which has received good reviews from traders. With multi-lingual staff manning the helpdesks, traders only need to call, fax, chat or email the support staff and their issues will be sorted swiftly enough for them to get back to trading without any problems.
  • Demo Account: 24Option broker allows traders to give its system a test run. This will be in the free demo account where new traders will have the opportunity to learn about binary options and how to interpret signals, execute trades and to choose the trading options as well as the various expiry periods. For experienced traders, they have an opportunity with this demo account to test their trading methods against the 24Option model and look for ways to have the two working in tandem to maximize profits.
  • Assets: The assets that 24 option offers for trade are plenty in number and wide in variety. From the leading global stocks, commodities that include gold, silver and oil, currency pairs indices and futures, traders here are spoilt for choice when it comes to asset choice. Traders will select the pairs they prefer or the ones that have the best signals and higher probabilities of making big profits.
  • Learning tools: The broker has extensive and advanced learning tools for traders. They are especially essential for beginners in binary options. Traders who have been around for some time will like the training tools too because they help them become better traders and they contain the most updated news and articles on binary options trading and the various assets’ performances in the global financial markets. These tools will include eBooks, videos, training manuals and webinars.


24Option is a highly recommended binary options broker. The traders enjoy high yields here and the money transfer systems are very secure. This broker is also widely used by many of the upcoming binary options robots.

Banc de Binary Review

When it comes to binary options brokers, Banc de Binary comes across as one of the leaders in the business. It is one of the first binary options brokerages to be registered anywhere. It went live way back in 2009, just one year after binary options changed to what it is today. With a customer base spanning some 80 nationalities globally, it is truly a worldwide outfit. A multiple award-winning broker, Banc de Binary has a well-developed trading system that trader. It is also very profitable with a return on investment running up to 91%.

Banc de Binary offers all traders some good bonuses which help them make more profits from trading. Traders are also offered a wide variety of options with which to trade with. This broker is also well known for its excellent returns, a great site and a minimal initial investment.

Banc de Binary

Banc de Binary

How does this broker operate?

This broker is another one that has placed its faith on the SpotOption software for its trading. It is one of the most advanced platforms in binary options today and it is not a mistake that Banc de Binary have decided to make this their vehicle in binary options. The system is easily the best in the market. It is also easy to use even for rookie traders. Also, the system is great at helping other platforms; including Banc de Binary provide the best signals to their clients.

What features does Banc de Binary have to offer its clients?

Traders will find a myriad of features that they will find to be useful with this broker. These are:

  • Experience: For a broker who is almost as old as the binary options as we know them, they pack some good weight when it comes to experience in binary options trading. This is an assurance that they systems must have undergone a lot of positive changes to be where it is at the moment. It is evident from the results and the popularity of this broker that they have used their experience in the best way possible to give their clients a great product.
  • Great payouts: The only reason that traders are in binary option is to find the best payouts and by extension, a good ROI. This is substantially served by Banc de Binary very well. You will not be trying out you luck when you open a trading account with this broker; you will be making a worthwhile investment. This is because the payouts go as high 91%.
  • A broker for everybody: This broker has opened the doors to all traders of all financial circumstances. There are different accounts here each tailored for traders with different financial might. There’s the Micro Silver Account, the best account for beginners and traders who want to try the system first before committing the big money. The minimum deposit here is only $250 and a maximum of $5,000. The other account is the Standard Gold with a deposit of $5,001 to $35,000. The third account is The Personal Management Account where the deposit is $25,001 to $50,000. The Premium account is for experienced professionals and investors who can deposit anything beyond $50,000. Each accounts comes with its own benefits, the higher the deposit the better the benefits. Also, the trading field is open to all. Banc de Binary is also one of the brokers who operate Sharia-compliant accounts with the Islamic Account for adherents of the Muslim faith who would want to trade in binary options without having conflict with their religion. The minimum investment for an individual trade is $1 only. This is probably the lowest in the market. The maximum you can stake for a single trade is $6,000 for the big guns in binary options trading.
  • Bonuses: Banc de Binary has great bonuses too. You will find 100% bonuses here on joining. This indicates that a trader can have double his deposit before he executes a single trade. There is also a referral bonus if you introduce another trader to the brokerage.
  • Multiple options and assets: This is not the kind of broker that limits your options. With Banc de Binary, you will find the following options to use in your trades: High/low options, Option builders, One Touch options, Ladder options and Meta chart options. The assets that you can trade with this broker are a wide range drawn from forex pairs, commodities, indices, futures and stocks.
  • Expiry periods: Like the assets and trading options, the broker does not limit you here either. You will have long term expiry periods going as far as 365 days. For shorter expiry periods you will select from 60 second periods, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 24 hour periods.
  • Banking: With a clientele spanning the globe, Banc de Binary has some sophisticated banking systems. You can use your Amex, Diners Club iDeal, Cartebleue, Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, and other major cards and accepted payment methods. They deal in the Dollar, Sterling Pound, the Euro and the Yen.
  • Client support: The customer support staff at Banc de Binary can be reached at any time day and night. Clients can contact Support from phones, chat and email. This support is predominantly in English though some international languages are also used here.


This is one of the leading binary options brokers globally. As such, they are highly rated by almost all trading platforms and traders themselves. The platform is very technologically updated, and their signals are always great. The downside with Banc de Binary is that it does not admit traders from USA.

IQ Option Review

In terms of the history of binary options, IQ Option is a relatively young brokerage. It went live in 2012 and since then, its growth has been in a consistently upward curve. A holding company, Investlab Trading Limited, is the owners of this firm. This holding company also runs a sister firm by the name of Info field Premier Limited. This is another brokerage firm that confines itself to the Russian binary options market. IQ is known globally in the binary options marketplace as a brokerage that makes good ROI for its clients.

With IQ Option, it is commonplace to make profits rising to a handsome 93% right from when you start trading. You will receive great bonuses on all deposits which increases your earnings when you trade them. The firm is fully licensed to carry out operations by the CYSEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) which is generally regarded as the licensing authority for the EU when it comes to binary options forms.

IQ Option Main Page

IQ Option Main Page


The exemplary services offered by IQ Option especially in terms of handling clients’ funds has made it to become globally recognized owing to the numerous awards it has received. In recent times, IQ Option has been named as “Most Trusted Binary Options Broker” by MasterForex-V. AT the latest ShowFx World conference, held in Moscow, Russia, IQ Option won the “Most Innovative Binary Options Broker” award for its unparalleled innovativeness and its value to the binary options world.

IQ Option’s Trading Platform Review

The trading platform that IQ Option rides on is quite unlike the rest of the top brokers which run on third party platforms. IQ Options owns and operates its own trading platform. This means that they can tweak it like they want to at any time in response to her clients need. This proprietary platform is the driving force behind IQ Option’s award winning innovativeness. Going by the numbers of traders who have made this broker their trading partner of choice, they must be doing really well.

IQ Options’ features

  • Unique easy to operate system: Having a proprietary platform allows the broker to tailor her services to the needs of her clients. One way do this is by allowing traders to peck their preferred assets in an easy and flowing dropdown system with one click. This too goes for the choice of options and the expiry periods which are also very varied. One thing that you will note with this software is that the trading amounts are predetermined. You can have trading amounts at the click of a button in $80, $50, $20 and $10 denominations. These are not cast in stone; you can also input the amount you want to stake for each individual trade. Another feature that sets IQ Option brokers apart from her competitors is that they allow the trader to make multiple trades on the same chart.
  • High ROI: IQ option enables her clients to make ROI rates of up to 93%. This means that you stand a chance of almost doubling your investment every other trading session. This is among the best returns that are witnessed from the leading brokers in binary options. Once in a while, there are trading competitions where you stand to win prizes ranging from $250 to $500.
  • Bonuses: The types of bonuses you will be offered here are so many that you will have some difficulty remembering them all. The good thing is that they only increase your potential to maximize earnings on IQ Option’s platform. There will be bonuses on signing in, on all deposits, for reaching some defined milestones in your binary options trading and many more bonuses. One unique thing about IQ Option’s bonuses is that they are just as generous for the accounts with lower deposits as they are for the premium accounts. Even a $10 deposit will attract an 80% bonus!
  • Range of assets you can trade in: With IQ Option, your choice of assets is very wide and you will always find your preferred assets in the vast list. From popular assets to the more commonplace ones, you can select from all the stocks, commodities, indices, futures and forex pairs.
  • Customer support: Customer support at IQ Option is at the top of the game. The multi-lingual support staff is swift at handling your issues and problems are solved quickly and helpfully. Yu just need to select your preferred language and a customer relations person will answer all your queries.
  • User-friendly interface: Being a proprietary platform, IQ Option brokers have come up with a user interface that many other systems cannot hold a candle to. This stems from the fact they are able to tweak each and every section of their interface without interfering with third party platform operations.
  • Choice of trading accounts: Traders always want to trade at their own level other than having set accounts with different and confusing features. IQ Option has a clear division between normal accounts and VIP accounts. This helps traders to easily choose their comfort level and trade from there.
  • Demo account: An independent demo account is provided by IQ Option. Here, you get to give the platform a dry run. With a virtual $1,000, you can make your trades here with real signals from real time charts. This allows you to get a good feel of the software and also have a platform to test your trading strategies and methods against the IQ Option’s ways of doing things.


IQ Option was really bold to go a different path from their contemporaries by choosing to build their own trading platform from scratch. This move obviously paid off and they are now one of the leading brokerage platforms in the global binary options marketplace. The fact that they are fully licensed in the EU is a stamen of the broker’s efficiency and confidence in their own systems and operations. The only con with IQ Option is that it does not open trading accounts for traders in USA and Japan.

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  37. A simple asset pricing model with heterogeneous agents, uninsurable labor income and limited stock market participation
  38. Stock Market Returns, Corporate Governance and Capital Market Equilibrium
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  40. The impact of speculation on the pricing of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in light of the ICAPM