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Binary J is a leading resource website for people interested in binary options and more so for those who are actively taking steps to make money in the industry and those who are looking for a way into the marketplace. Binary J provides the most detailed binary option robot reviews of the leading and new binary options trading platforms and reviews of the top binary brokers, so that you are able to have the best choices in either or both of them. These choices will be based on informed decisions which will be backed by our intensive and extensive research and analyses of all the players in binary options.
Apart from reviews about brokers and trading platforms, the Binary J site also has sections that have all the necessary information on signal providers and how they generate these signals, broken down guides on binary options trading, a rich resource for those who want to train to be better traders, reports on fraud cases and how to avoid being a victim of a scam.
Our biggest job is to provide you with the best recommendations as regards brokers with whom you can open trading accounts with and the software that you will be better off trading with and the ones that you should avoid. We provide information on all aspects of binary options trading, forex trading guide and its attendant services and the providers of those services.

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Binary options trade is carried out on electronic trading platform with four simple steps.

Binary Options Trading: An Introduction

Trading in the financial markets began more than a hundred years ago, but it was in the first 10 years of the 21st century that binary options trading in currencies, commodities, stocks and futures became commonplace and more and more people started to try to take advantage of all the opportunities that this new trading method came with.
This type of trading is called binary options because you only have two options, hence the term binary. What you do here is make a prediction on whether the value of an asset will rise or decline in value over a certain period of time. One good thing about binary options trading is that before you make your prediction, you already know what you will make in profit and how much you will lose if the trade goes against your prediction.
In years gone by, you could not make a substantial income from trading the stocks, currencies and commodities markets without a big financial investment. Binary options trading affords you the opportunity to make money from binary options even with very low amounts of money. It is a place where all are invited. It is not a marketplace for a select few with big budgets or with connections in the financial markets.

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How to Trade Video:

Why binary options?

There are many reasons why investing in binary options is a good investment. The fact that you will not need a huge financial base is a plus. You can start trading small amounts, even as low as $5 per trade. The reason why you will not need to have a huge investment in this market is because you do not have to buy and retain the asset or sell an asset you already hold to make a profit. What you will be doing is just to predict an asset’s value and whether it rises or declines within a specific period of time. Thus, your interest will be the asset’s value and not the asset itself. This means that you will not come into actual contact with the asset itself; you will only be concerned with the movement of assets’ values.
Another reason why you should trade in binary options is that the potential to get a good return on investment is very high. As mentioned above, you will know your potential returns before you make the trade. Similarly, in the event that you make a loss, you will not be surprised as you will be aware of your maximum loss before making your trade. It is possible to make returns that are as high as 90% from very good trades. Generally, it is very unlikely that you will make returns of less than 65% if you are making trades while being backed by good signals and through a good broker and/or trading platform.
Another good thing about binary options trading is that the rate of change in the value of an asset does not affect your rate of returns. The only thing that matters is whether there is a change that is in line with your predictions. Whether the change in value is at 1% or at 20%, your rate of return remains the same.
When you trade in the binary options, you have the luxury of choosing whether to make your trades with your preferred expiry tie, the time between you making the trade and the maturity of that trade. You may opt for trades with long expiry times, up to 365 days, or shorter expiry periods of as little as 60 seconds.
Binary options can be trades at any time. This implies that you can make your trades at any time you want to without attracting further fees than what is already established. You will not have to wait for the major markets top open; any time is good time to make your trades.

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When you trade binary options, you don’t have to know how to interpret complicated forex charts like this. Trading is no more exclusivity of rich and educated, everyone are able to make profitable investments with binary options!

What can you expect from Binary J?

While trading assets, especially stocks, have been with us for over a hundred years, binary options trading is relatively young. It has not been ten years since it became a recognized form of trading assets. In fact, it was not until the year 2008 that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission approved binary options as a legitimate trade as we know it today. That though has not prevented the growth of this type of trading to be the global phenomenon that it is today.
The number of entrants to this market, especially in the last year or so has been unprecedented. This does not mean that binary options business is something easy or simple. It is complex, technical and it requires that you know what you are doing or you could lose all your investments. As Binary J, our role is to simplify your experience so that you begin your binary options trading and you get on with it profitably and with as little stress as possible. We give credible advise on where to do your trades from and how.


Information is power, or so it is said. This statement holds true when it comes to binary options trading. This is not a marketplace where you rush in blindly and expect to make big profits. In fact, the opposite is true. To make it in binary options business, you will need patience and time to gather the necessary information that will enable you to get on with the trade without falling into the pitfalls that are there. Binary J has the necessary information that is updated and relevant to the binary options world of today. We will seek this information from all quarters, synthesize it and offer it to you in an easy to understand and follow format. This is the information that adds to your knowledge of binary options and make you a better trader.

Essential trading tools

We will introduce you to the most essential and effective tools that you will need to be proficient in binary options trading. Binary J will provide the latest and most relevant tools to you as they appear or as the older ones are updated or modified. While binary options can be complex and intriguing at the same time, we make it much simpler to navigate and negotiate with the basic tools of trade that we provide you with.

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Trading methods and strategies

Being the way it is, binary options trading needs some knowledge and expertise. The good thing is that you need not go for formal training on binary options or any course on asset trading. Also, you do not need to be experienced in binary options either to succeed in this marketplace. What you need are the right trading methods and strategies, and that is where Binary J comes in.
Binary J is your primary source of elaborate and credible information on such methods and strategies. This methods and strategies will include the best way to interpret signals, to recognize trends, to determine the best expiry times and how much to invest in individual trade all in a bid to make trades that are successful and consistently so. The best traders in the market are those that use great strategies and smart methods in their trades and we make it our responsibility to let you have them. This is what makes you good profits in the short and long term in binary options.
Reviews of top brokers
To trade in the binary options, you need to have an account with one of the hundreds of brokers in the marketplace. Brokers are main cogs in the wheels of binary options. The broker you select could mean the difference between making handsome profits and being disappointed in your binary options venture. Of the hundreds of brokers in the trade, there are the very credible and respected ones and then there are others who do not tick all the boxes.
At Binary J, we bring you the best and comprehensive reviews of all the top brokers so that you can know the firms you will be trading with. It is almost impossible to make good profits if you do not have the services of a good binary options broker. As experts in this field, we provide you with all the necessary info about these brokers.

binary options strategies

We will teach you step-by-step how to use the most profitable strategies to make as much money as possible.

Binary options trading platforms

Today, there are over 400 active trading platforms in the binary options market. All these platforms are jostling for traders to join in their systems. With these platforms, you will find a wide variety of offers which could benefit you in your trading. Some fit into your trading strategies and some do not. What is important is to know which ones will be of benefit to you and which ones will not be worth your while.
We provide detailed reviews of all the top platforms and the new ones that come with unique opportunities. These reviews are what you will use as a basis towards making the crucial decision as to which platforms that meet your expectations in this trade.

Signal providers

Having the right broker, the right platform and the right strategies and methods is very important but it still not all you will need. You need to know how to find the important signals from technical charts. Finding the right signals is what determines your fortunes in the binary options marketplace. Some times this is not easy. This is where signal provides come into focus. Binary J has very deep reviews in its lists of the best signal providers.
If you want to save hours upon hours that you would have spent studying charts and making analyses of the key indicators, you will need to sign up with a good signal provider, and Binary J gives you all the help you need. You will find out which provider has the best ratings and which one does not. You can also find information on those signal providers that are entering the market and what new products that they will be bringing to the marketplace.
News and articles
Every day, there must be a newsworthy event or happening that makes ripples in the binary options world. We bring you this news promptly. They could help you with some trades in the near future. They will also help you understand what is going on in the binary options marketplace all over the world.
There always people making studies of binary options trading and the factors that influence its growth and how it can benefit the trader better. These are the people who write incisive articles about this trade. We have our own professionals who write detailed and informative articles on this site. We also find other articles from external sources and share them with you if we find them to be of benefit to you and all other traders.

Fraud and scam alerts

When a venture becomes lucrative, it attracts all manner of people. There are those who will genuinely come into the market to take advantage of all the investment opportunities the venture provides and there are those who will come with not so straight motives. These are the people who will come to the market with ideas of how to reap where they have not sowed by creating systems that are coated with nice and appealing tags yet all they are fraudulent scams.
Binary J digs deep into all the trading brokerages and trading platforms to check what is genuine and credible and what is not. We share with you balanced, credible and unbiased reviews of the brokers and trading platforms that we review and make recommendations sot that you do not have to make an investment into a system where you will not see your money or the promised system again.

binary options scams

Debunking myths

As with every new thing in the market, disinformation or lack of understanding help fuel the spread of the wrong information about a product or service. Sometimes this disinformation is spread too far and wide that it seems like it is true. There are all these stories that you must have heard or you will soon hear about binary options that can make your head spin. That trading in binary options is gambling, it is too exotic to understand, it is not legalized in United States, that you need a huge budget to make profits and many more. Binary options trading are none of these.
We debunk these myths and many more that will inevitably appear in the grapevine here on our website. We do all this all the time by providing information, articles and news items that will present binary options trading for what it is; a legitimate trading in assets and their values where thousands of traders make good profits every day.

What you need to do

Binary options trading is a profitable and exciting way to trade in assets. It gives a healthy return on investments and it is benefiting thousands of traders today. If you are already trading in this marketplace, or if you are just starting out or even if you are contemplating trying it out in the near future, make Binary J your preferred resource center for all matters binary options. Our aim is to get you to a position where your profits are always optimized and your risk factors minimized. This we do by providing the necessary information, education and practical tips to help you become a great trader.
Our site is constantly being updated to give you the best experience possible and to make information easy to access and quick to understand. Come back here often and we will not disappoint you.

Binary Options Trading: Understanding the Basics

Are you new to binary options? Fear not. We have the basic guide to get you started on this market. You will learn binary options are all about and the factors that affect how trading occurs. You will know what to do and what not to do, the guidelines to follow, and other basic aspects that are valuable if you are to succeed in this trade. It would be very wise to save this page as a bookmark as it is a detailed resource that you can always refer to.

What are binary options?

Binary options refers to an investment vehicle where a trader stakes out some money against a prediction on whether the value of an asset will rise or decline within a certain time period also known as the expiry period. This type of trading has a predetermined profit and risk. This means that by the time you execute a trade, you will know exactly what you will earn if the prediction goes your way and what you stand to lose if the prediction goes against you.

The term binary option refers to the fact that with this type of trading, you have only two choices from which you will chose the likely outcome. When the time period expires, the outcome will also be either of two outcomes; you either win a trade or lose it.

Each trade will have four basic elements:

  • The amount that you stake for the trade: This is the amount of money that you will put out as risk for each individual trade. For example, if all you want to risk in your next trade is $10, it is only what you stand to lose if the prediction does not go your way.
  • The prediction on whether the value will rise or decline: Here, you will make the prediction based on the information that you have or a reliable signal as to whether the asset will rise or decline in value. Ideally, there is no midpoint here it is either a rise or a decline.
  • The expiry period: This is the amount of time you will allow the asset to go through before your prediction matures. It can be, for example, 60 seconds. This means that when you execute your trade, by the end of the minute, you will either have made a profit or made a loss because the trade will mature immediately the time set expires. This will be similar if the expiry period is five minutes, one hour or 24 hours.
  • The payout amount: This is the amount you stand to gain if your prediction comes true. In most cases, the percentage of the trading amount that you will actually make above your trading amount will be between 70% and 85% with most brokers. If the prediction goes your war, you will get the trade amount back and the profit as a percentage of that same amount. Naturally, the higher the amount staked in each trade, the higher the profit.


Assume that you are making a trade. With this trade, you would like to stake $50. The asset you want to trade has a current price of $225 and you expect a 75% payout from your broker. What you will do is first choose the expiry time within which the trade will mature. You can select an expiry period of 60 minutes. With the payout pegged at 75%, you should be making a total of $175 at the end of the 60 minutes if the prediction you made on the asset goes your way. This $175 includes your $100 stake and the 75% of your stake, $75 which is the actual profit that you will gain from this trade. If the prediction goes against yours, you stand to lose the $100 at the end of the 60 minutes expiry period and nothing more. It is important to note that the amount in value that the asset rises or depreciates does not affect the eventual payout. If with the aforementioned asset you had a predicted a rise in the current price, and it rises by $.50 to $225.50, you get the full payout of $175. If the same asset rose in value to $230 within the same period, you will still get the $175 from the same trade. The same applies if you had  made a prediction of a decline in the current price.

It should be noted that some trading platforms will offer a rebate if you lose a trade. Most platforms that offer a rebate on a lost trade typically refund something like 10% to around 15% of the staked amount. This differs from platform to platform and it will be good for you if you can establish the existence of this offer before you open a trading account with your preferred platform.

Types of binary option trades

When trading binary options, there are three types of trade within which almost all trades fall into. These are:

  • High/low: This is the most common and the most popular of all trades. It is the basic trade that has been illustrated above where the question will be, “At the end of the expiry period, will the value of the asset be higher or lower than it currently is?”  Here, you will just have to wait for the expiry period and then you will make your profit or forfeityour stake. Beginners prefer this kind of trade because it is easy and straightforward.
  • Range High/Low: This trade is very much like the High/Low only that here, you will choose a value that has to be hit, either above or below the market price for the trade to be successful this kind of trade is of a higher risk than the High/Low, but the returns are considerably higher. To use the illustration above, using the $225 value, you will put up your stake and will be on the money if it hits $227 at the end of the expiry period. If it rises and it doesn’t hit the $227 mark, you lose your stake.
  • One Touch: This is where you will put a boundary on either side of the current price whereby you will make your profits if the value hits the boundary before the end of the expiry period. Using the same illustration as above, you may set the boundary at $226.50.If before the expiry the value hits that mark, you will be on the money immediately.
  • Markets Pulse: This type is not very common and it is offered by some brokers and not others. Here, the trader has the option to sell his trade option before the end of the expiry period. By doing this, he forfeits a part of his stake.

Important points to note on binary options trading

To become a good trader, there are some important aspects of binary options trading that you need to note. Binary J has compiled a list that gives you a general overview of what trading with binary options is really like and a few Dos and Don’ts.

  1. Do not stake money that you cannot afford to lose: Binary options are not definite in the way the value of assets shift. That is the long and short of it. You will have to admit to yourself that some trades will be lost and some will be won. You will just need to learn a few strategies to keep you from a losing streak and all will be well.
  2. The profit you should make and the total losses you can incur are well known before the trade is executed. This means that there will be no surprises at the end of the expiry period. Unlike forex or futures where you have no idea which way the markets will swing and you have no idea what you will make or lose, all is in the open before you make each trade.
  3. The amount that you will stake for each trade is very visible and it is unlikely that you will post a higher sum than you really want to dedicate to one trade. Sometimes, you may feel too positive about a certain trade and you want to commit a lot more than you had originally planned. This could be a good move if your prediction comes true. Should you lose the trade, remember that you will lose everything which is much more than you had planned.
  4. Trading binary options is not rocket science. You will not need extensive training or pupilage from a professional so that you can be a good trader. If you invest some time to learn how to formulate better strategies, binary options will be a walk in the park. However, you must recognize the advantage of experience. Just know that the more experienced you are in binary options trading the better a trader you will become.
  5. All brokers that are worth their salt indicate clearly the payout percentages per trade. This makes you aware how much in profits you will make for each individual trade. In almost all cases, the payout will be between 70% and 85%. This will vary from one broker to another and sometimes among different assets.
  6. A good thing about binary options is that you should not expect any hidden fees and costs associated with trading. Most brokers and programs publish their charges openly so that if you are going to be charged any money, it will not be a surprise.
  7. You will never have to actually own an asset. All you will be doing is to trade with an asset’s values. This means that you do not need to have deep pockets to try your hand in binary options trading.
  8. Look out for brokers who offer options for early closure. This is where you may realize you are in for a big loss and you would like to escape the trade before the expiry period expires. Though you will forfeit some money here, you will prevent a total loss for the trade. Similarly, some brokers will be willing to let you close a winning trade early with the payout decreasing by some percentage. Once you get the hang of it, you will be adept at making the right calls at the right time.
  9. You are likely to encounter some brokers and trading platforms that are less than honest with their dealings. To avoid this scenario, follow the reviews that Binary J will provide on such players so that you only keep to the programs that score good ratings consistently. Despite how attractive a broker’s pitch is and however convincing the promises of a trading platform are, you are advised to take your time before signing in or opening a trading account before you cross check with the Binary J website. Here you will find unbiased reviews of all the main brokers and trading platforms.
  10. Not all brokers and trading platforms are licensed to trade in all countries. You need to check out the details about the various programs to determine which ones are legally licensed to operate in your area and which ones are beyond your jurisdiction.
  11. You can trade from anywhere. In fact, Binary J has established that there are thousands of traders who make their trades from home or in their travels. This is because as technological advancements are linked to the binary options trade, the more the opportunities to operate your trading account with mobile devices is increasing.

Binary J endeavors to provide you with the most up to date information on all that matters in trading binary options as well as all services that are connected to this trade. We have staff collecting and collating dataevery day and round the clock to ensure that you do not miss anything important.

What you need to do is bookmark our site and pass by every day to keep yourself updated on the day to day events and news as they happen in the world of binary options.

Making sustained profits from binary options

The aim of Binary J is to help you maximize your profits from binary options while at the same time helping you to minimize your risks and losses. Making sustained profits in this trade is not rocket science; it is not a walk in the park either. Here at the Binary J website we help you break this down to what you will do to make sustained profits and what you will try to avoid  if you are to help yourself meet your expectations in binary options. This is what you need to do to become successful in binary options trading:

  1. Expectation management: The key to making profits in binary options is to avoid making any decisions based on emotions or a ‘gut feeling’ in the marketplace. It is true that you should be ambitious in your quest to make a good return on your investment, but that that should not make you lose site on what needs to be done to make this venture successful. You will come across many trading programs that will assure you that you will become a millionaire in months if you make your investment with them. Regard your venture in binary options as a marathon other than a sprint and you will make it. Emotions are what will push you to make rash and often regrettable decisions.
  2. The trading system and broker that you choose will make or break you: At Binary J we consistently provide you with credible and relevant reviews of the leading brokers and trading platforms to enable you to select the best ones. Just because a broker promises you out-of-this-world returns on your investment does not mean that he has the means to make it happen for you. That is the reason why we continuously keep reviewing all these players to help you make the right choice. Do not be afraid to give a broker or a trading platform test with your various strategies to see if he meets your expectation and if what he says he can do is true.
  3. Have your strategy and keep it updated: Rushing blindly into trading binary options can lead to disastrous results. What you need is to have a working strategy to negotiate your way through the marketplace. This is what you will have tailored to fit into your methods, style and your risk factors. Having a strategy is not all; you will need to keep updating it so as to have it on an improvement curve at all times. One good tip is to use the free signals that trading programs will provide especially if you are a novice in this trade.
  4. Binary option robots: These are automated binary options systems that favor traders who are not inclined to scouring the internet for hours on end looking for financial reports and charts from key indicators to help them make the right trades. Automated systems will do all this work for you. This is especially advisable for beginners. You can use these systems to make your money while you learn the ropes in this business. Binary J provides comprehensive reviews of all credible automated systems from which you can choose one as your investment vehicle.
  5. Expiry times and their selection: you may have the right signals, the right prediction but you still lose your stake. This is probably due to the fact that your expiry period was not carefully chosen. Examine the signal well before choosing the expiry period. This is will probably what will make the difference between having a successful trade and a losing one.
  6. Keep looking for high probability trades: Each trade is a potential winner or loser. It is to this effect that you will be wise to keep looking for trades that offer the highest probability of being winners. These are the trades that will keep you in business; the more the merrier. This plan will also apply if you refrain from making too many trades that have low probabilities as their chances of making you lose your stake are higher. Binary J helps you with tips on how to find these high probability trades and how to use them profitably.
  7. Internalize the fact that you will not make a profit all the time: An ideal situation is where all your trades will return as winners. The actual fact is that this is not likely to happen to your trades in binary options. This is something that even professional traders will admit. Losses will be there, it is how you deal with them that matters. There will be loses here and there despite the fact that some trading programs will promise you 100% returns. Binary J gives you tips on how to keep the losses at a bare minimum.
  8. Determine when the market is active: In most cases, the rate of trading, which directly influences the rate at which asset values fluctuate is not a sustained process in all of the 24 hours in a day. You will find that the active session lasts no more than a few hours. What you do is maximize your trades at this time as when the trading slows down the values experience a plateau stage where short time expiry periods will not be overly profitable.
  9. Profits are what you have actually withdrawn:Why are you in the binary options marketplace? You are there to make profits and nothing else. What you do is withdraw your profits as often as possible because profits are not profits until they are withdrawn and deposited in your bank account. Doing this is the perfect way of determining your success in the binary options or lack of it.

Binary J provides such tips and many more everyday so that your adventure in binary options trading can be a profitable and fulfilling journey. There is more to binary options success than just these tips but following them will get you well on your way there. Thousands of traders are making good profits, some for years on end and it is time you were counted in that number. Follow Binary J for updates to these tips and more and you will not go wrong.

Binary Options Signals

Professional and experienced traders can adequately study the prevailing market conditions and the key indicators to determine the best way to trade their binary options. For less experienced traders or for professional traders who do not want to spend hours studying the markets and making analyses, there will always be binary options signals. These are basically recommendations that a trader receives from a professional who has made an expert opinion on the way he/she thinks the trade should be executed to have the highest probability of returning a profit.

As a binary options trader, your best bet for making profitable trades is the provision of very good signals. If you are reliant on signals for your trades, they had better be good ones all the time. This is what will determine your rate of ROI.

On our resource rich website you will find all the information you need on the generation of signals and the types of signals that there are. As the market continuous to grow and technological advancements emerge, more types of signals will be offered. We will be in hand to bring you such updates and the necessary information on such new types of signals.

Binary J studies all the binary options signal providers and offers the best recommendations to traders on the best signal providers in the market as well as the best methods of applying such signals to maximize profitability.

Signals will be delivered to traders in several ways:

  • Copy and paste: Here the signal appears on the software and you will copy it and post it on the space provided by the trade. All you will have to do is to execute it.
  • Auto-trading: Here, the trader does not directly receive the signal; rather it is fed to the binary option robot which executes the signals as per the instructions accompanying the signal.
  • Notifications through Apps
  • Email
  • SMS
binary hedge fund

our no1. signal provider recommendation, binary hedge fund. Get your free hedge fund by clicking on the “Open FREE Account” link from the”Best Binary Options Brokers 2016″ table bottom or top of this page.

Apart from the signals provided for the auto-trader, the rest the trader has to apply them himself to execute the trade. It is important to remember that signals come with a time limit; they will expire after some time. These are needed to be traded immediately. The other type is one that that comes with instructions advising on the when the trade will be made if they are not for immediate application.

Binary options strategies

Every experienced trader has his own strategy or strategies that he uses to trade his binary options. In most cases when you are starting out, the best thing you can do is lay all your focus on a single asset or a binary pair that you are familiar with and one that you can comfortably trade. When you progress, you can add more assets and pairs to your strategy. Broadly speaking, there are several strategies that a trader can use or modify to suit his style and methods. These strategies are:

  1. Trend strategy: this is the simplest and most commonly used by new traders. It consists of the trader keeping a sharp eye on the charts that show the movements of the value of an asset in a bid to establish a trend and make a trade based on the predicted movement as determined from the value curve.
  2. Pinocchio strategy: This strategy is applied when the price of an asset is expected to fall or rise sharply relative to its current position. This strategy is a bit technical and a beginner is advised to try it on a demo account before applying it in actual trades.
  3. Risk Reversal Strategy: This strategy involves predicting a rise  and a decline in the value of an asset at the same time. It is applied when it is difficult to identify a trend in the rise and fall of an asset’s price. Here, a trader will make a prediction both ways because he knows that he must win one way or the other.

This are the most common strategies and Binary J has detailed information on all of the strategies that are employed in binary options trading.

Trend Strategy

Japanese Candlestick Strategy

Pin Bar Strategy

Three Black Crows Strategy

Piercing line candlestick strategy

The breaking line strategy

Moving avareges strategy

The Rebound Line Strategy

The Rainbow Strategy


Binary Options Brokers

The way binary options trading works, you will need to have an account registered with a broker to get started with trading. This means that the broker is an integral part of this trade. Industry estimates indicate that there are more than 400 brokers in binary options today. The numbers continue to rise as more brokers enter the fray. This is good news to traders because it means that there will be more competition. This is what spurs the innovativeness and improvement of services and higher ROIs. There will also be attractive bonuses and freebies as the brokers jostle for traders.

No.1 Broker Recommendation IQ option:

The downside of so many brokers looking to make a killing in the binary options market is that unscrupulous brokers sneak in to take advantage of all the confusion and lure unsuspecting traders especially beginners.

Binary J has a comprehensive collection of binary options brokers’ reviews. This is your resource when you want a good broker to handle your investments. The reviews carry the necessary information on all brokers. It is from here where you can learn whether the broker who is courting you for business is ranked among the best or it is a blacklisted broker. It is your money and you  cannot be too careful.

At the moment, there are no global regulator to establish a code of ethics and to oversee the operations of these brokers. What we have today are regional and governmental agencies making attempts to regulate broker’s operations with regard to their association with their citizens.

The challenge for the trader today is to determine the appropriate broker to handle their investments from this pool of brokers. Binary J rates all brokers it reviews and you are well advised to try out the recommended brokers so as to safeguard your investment funds from scammers and other fraudulent practices. Many binary options brokers are coming up with new and innovative products in a bid to create a client base and muscle in to this lucrative market.

Binary Options Robots

These are binary options trading platforms where the trader will have limited tasks to perform as he tries to make profits in this trade. For a trader who opts to use this kind of software, he relinquishes a good amount of his independence in determining the kinds of trades he wants to execute and when. This is because the systems here are fully automated. All the work that is done to generate signals will be done by these systems, as will the actual trades. The advantage here is that the trader stands to make a higher return on investment and he need not spend so much time trying to place the right signals for the right trades with the right expiry periods. With all these being done by the binary options robots, he is free to invest his time in other productive ventures. All this time, the robot will be making trades on his behalf in the background. It is like leaving your trading account with a specialist.

Here, the trader only signs in to a trading system, registers his account with a binary options broker, and then makes his initial deposit. After this, he will configure his account so that a maximum amount that each trade can stake is fixed and probably the total number of trades that can be made in a particular session. After that he leaves the software to do the rest.

Binary option robots have been around for the last few years, but it was from the years 2014 and 2015 that they started being introduced thick and fast. Almost every week, there were at least two or more systems going live. The good thing about this is that the competition for traders intensified and innovative and attractive variations of binary options trading began to emerge.

The problem that traders have now is making the decision on which binary options robot is the nest to sign in to. The problem is compounded by the fact that among the software being introduced today, there are plenty of them that are not so genuine in their intentions.

Binary J has hundreds of unbiased and credible reviews of binary options robots. It is from this pool of reviews that you can see what is behind all the fancy advertising and intriguing sales videos. Binary J experts will dig deep into each of these platforms to separate the legit ones from the scams. For every binary options robot you encounter, do not sign in before you have a good look at its review from this Binary J website.

binary option robot results

Binary Option Robot Results.

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The Best Binary Options Brokers 2016

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